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Business Profile

Waltham Fresh Fish & Prime





Business Name: Waltham Fresh Fish & Prime

Address: 36 Spruce Street

City: Waltham

State: Ma

Zip code: 02453

Phone: 781-891-1515

Fax: 781-891-3222

Products & Services


Daily Soup

Fish Soup $3.50
Cream Chowder $3.99
Chicken Rice $3.99


Roast Beef $4.99
Turkey Breast $4.99
Italian $4.99
Ham & Cheese $4.99
Corned Beef $4.99
Chicken Salad $4.99
Tuna Salad $4.99
Seafood Salad $4.99
Grape Leaves $4.99 LB
Stuffed Pepper $5.50
Spinach Pie $3.50
Lasagna (Meat and Veggie) $5.50
Antipasto Salad $5.50
Meat Balls $4.99
Spaghetti $4.99


Tea $1.10
Coffee $1.15
Hot Chocolate $1.25


Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey, Pepper Turkey, Lite Turkey, Imported Ham, Lite Virginia Ham, Genoa Salami, Bologna, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Mortadella
Fresh Fish:
Coock Shrimp, Raw Shrimp, Scup, Red Snapper, Salmon Fillet, Mackarel, Scrod Fillet, Haddock, Tilapia Fillet, Tilapia Whole, Catfish, Cod Fish, Sword Fish, Salmon
Deli Cheese:
Land O' Lakes American, Provolone, Swiss
Imported Cheese:
All Greek imported cheese, Hard Greek Cheeses, Bulgarian Feta, French Feta, Varelisio, Matis, Vlahotyri, Kefalotyri, Defalograviera
Garden Salad:
Tossed Salad, Greek Salad, Antipasto Salad with Turkey, Ham, Provolone
Specialty Items
Spinach Pie, Grape Leaves, Assorted imported Olives

All products information and prices subject to change without notice

General Information

10. Company Overview: Waltham Fresh Fish and Prime offers an extensive seafood menu.We also offer seafood cocktails, smoked fish and pasta appetizers, as well as salads and sandwiches.

11. Company History: Waltham Fresh Fish & Prime is dedicated to providing the freshest, highest quality products available. If you are in the area, please stop by and see for yourself. Our Seafood is always fresh and the best that you can buy anywhere. Our retail market staff has expert seafood training and knowledge, and is there to assist you and answer your questions about seafood selection, handling and preparation. Come see us to enjoy a wide range of meats, produce, and fresh seafood delivered daily. 

12. Type of Business: Seafood & Meat Market

13. Year Established: 2009

14. Type of Organization: Corporation

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

The Food is great! Whether it is raw meats and fishes or whatever the special of the day is. The service is great and the people are friendly. In addition, there are other products in there from all different ethnic backgrounds that make it seem like a world market. Wish I could give it 6 stars!

By Mike B. Source: yelp.com Posted 5/1/2010


I stumbled upon this new place, as it located right next to the post office, on a side street off of Moody.  The owners are super friendly and the food is high quality.  They always have homemade soup hot for take out, and the spinach pies are amazing (ask them to heat it up).  Nice greek import goods and the seafood and meat looks really good as well.  I recommend stopping for some authentic foods and you will be treated like family!

By Andrew K. Source: yelp.com Posted 12/11/2009


This place is great! Good variety of fish, can get filet or whole fish, by the pound or however you'd like. They get fruits and vegetables whenever and wherever they can get them that day. I am always happy with the service! New store,  it's only been open for about nine months. They have a great variety of cheeses and olive oil too! Other features: greek specialty foods, turkish foods, eastern european foods, SANDWICHES! Its one part grocery store, one part convenience store and one part deli. You can have sandwiches made, get food to-go or to heat up later. Worth a visit.

By Michelle B. Source: yelp.com Posted 11/16/2009


17. Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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