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Business Profile

Sam's Painting

We are professional exterior and interior painters in Boston, Massachusetts. We paint or stain kitchen cabinets, interior doors, windows, walls, ceiling, trim and baseboards with your favorite interior paint colors. sam  

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Sam's Painting
69 Potter Road
Waltham, Ma 02452
Phone: 617-592-0550

Products & Services

List of services
1. Interior painting and staining
2. Exterior painting and staining
3. Custom paint and stain matching
4. Power washing (bio-chemical) of all exterior surfaces
5. Door painting
6. Kitchen painting
7. Bathroom painting

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General Information

10. Company Overview: Our experienced professional painters provide to your homepaintingwith various beautiful paint colors including exterior and interior paining for residential or commercial projects.

11. Company History: We have more than 14 years painting and finishing experience.

12. Type of Business: Painting

13. Year Established: 1994

14. Type of Organization: Sole proprietor

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

17. Hours of Operation:

Monday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m


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