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"Featuring Contemporary Sushi & Fresh Sashimi, Neo Malaysian Cuisines & Exotic Asian Tapas"



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Business Name: Ponzu

Address: 286 Moody Street

City: Waltham

State: Ma

Zip code: 02451

Phone: 781-736-9188

Fax: 781-736-9014

Website: www.theponzu.com

Products & Services



House mixed green salad (With our special ponzu ginger dressing) $4.25
Japanese silk tofu salad (With English cucumber and sesame dressing) $6.75
Miso Tuna salad (Raw Tuna with English cucumber served sweet miso sauce in matini glass) $7.95
Mango salad with Salmon $7.95
Seafood Avocado salad $7.50
Baby octopus salad (With English cucumber) $6.50
Seaweed salad $5.25
Green papaya & jellyfish salad $7.50
Indonesian gado gado (jicama, cucumber, egg wedges, bean sprout & peanut dressing) $6.95
Enoki miso soup $2.75
Miso broth with Japanese pork dumpling $4.75
Hot & spicy seafood kim chi soup $4.95
Curried pork dumpling soup $4.50
Shrimp in lemongrass broth $4.75

Small Plates

(Asian Tapas) Not In The Raw TAPAS

Roti prata (Indian bread with curried chicken and potato) $4.50
Ponzu hot ribs (A must try for spicy food lovers) $7.50
Grilled lemongrass Australian lamb chop $9.75
Malaysian satay chicken (With spiced peanut & lemongrass dressing) $6.95
Vegetable spring roll $6.95
Crispy salt and pepper calamari $7.95
Pork gyoza with balsamic glaze $5.95
Baked scallop in the shell $8.75
Steamed vegetable dumpling $5.25
Wasabi pork dumpling $7.95
Shrimp shumai skewer $6.50
Crispy wasabi crab rangoon with seafood $6.95
Ponzu appetizer platter (Wassabi pork dumpling, steamed vegetable dumpling, Shrimp shumi skewer, pork gyoza & shrimp tempura) $10.95
Malaysian satay been curd (3 pc.) Crispy fried triangle bean curd with English cucumber and bean sprouts topped with peanut sauce $6.75
Sushi pizza (Oval-Shape rice tempura topped with shrimp, Crabmeat & drizzled with assorted mayo sauce) $9.95
Stuffed fried inari (tofu) skin (With spicy crabmeat and sushi rice) $8.95
Black pepper tuna (mayonnaise Tuna with house sauce) $9.95
Peppery, crispy soft shell crab (Lightly bread and stir-fried with fried garlic, fresh peppers, salt and ground black pepper flavor) $13.95
Sashimi Roses (Tuna, White Tuna & Salmon fillets shaped like Roses drizzled with ponzu sauce, cilantro pesto, olive oil, balsamic syrup and garnished with flying fish caviar) $14.95
Carpaccio ( Choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or hiramasa with ponzu sauce) $8.95
Fillet mignon tataki $9.95
Beef Negima (Broiled thin slices of steak rolled with scallions smothered in teriyaki sauce) $9.95
Phila Samilan $9.95
Torched Sashimi Napoleon (Salmon, Tuna, & scallop lightly torched and served with spicy ponzu sauce garnished with green papaya, scallions, and cilantro) $9.75
Sea urchin shooter (With white soy sauce, sake, Tabasco, wasabi flying fish caviar & topped with quail egg 2 shots) $6.95
Tuna lollipops (Fresh tuna wrapped with cucumber, avocado & served with colorful spiced mayo) $10.95
Ponzu marinated tuna (With edamame puree on wonton crisp) $8.95
Spicy tuna quesadillas (With avocado & tomato) $8.50
Tuna lemongrass tartare (With coconut milk & cilantro) $9.95
Fresh Scallop in the shell sashimi style (served with wasabi white soy sauce) $8.95
Ring of Fires (California tempura maki topped with lava of spicy mayo and flying fish caviar) $8.95
Crispy spicy hands roll (Choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or scallop) $6.75
Cucumber skin spicy hand roll (Choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or scallop) $6.50

Big Plates

Grilled Salmon (With cabernet glazed teriyaki sauce served with Jasmine rice) $17.95
Sesame teriyaki duck with Jasmine rice $17.95
Giant sea serpent rice roll (Sweet potato tempura topped with grilled eel. A must try for eel lovers) $15.95
Dinosaur roll (Three pieces of tempura shrimp & crabmeat rolled on the inside, outside topped with avocado, grilled eel & assorted flying fish caviar) $17.95
Ultimate roll combination (One yellowtail with mango & avocado, one spicy tuna with jalapeno & one salmon with cucumber & jicama) $17.95
Sushi and sashimi combination (6 pcs of chef picked nigiri sushi & 10 pcs of sashimi) $22.00
Sushi martini sampler (10 pcs of our nigiri sushi served in a martini plate) $19.95
Sashimi margarita plate (A platter of refresh cut fillets of tuna, yellowtail, octopus, squid, white fish & ponzu marinated salmon in a margarita glass) $24.95
Banana leaf dried curry beef (With coconut flavored rice) $15.95
Fillet mignon teriyaki (Beef with cabernet glazed, teriyaki sauce served with jasmine rice) $14.95
Red creamy spiced curry chicken (With coconut flavored rice) $13.95
Tropical mango shrimp (served with Jasmine rice (available in white chicken meat) $16.75
Taro pot with seafood (Shrimp, scallop, crabmeat & squid served with Jasmine rice) $16.75
Caribbean curried lamb (With coconut flavored rice) $15.95
Malaysian spicy seafood stew (Scallop, shrimp, squid, crabmeat & mixed veggies with coconut flavored rice) $19.75
Portuguese baked yellow tail in tin foil (Served with Jasmine rice. Also available with salmon) $21.95
Vegetables with red coconut curry (Fried tofu, Asian eggplant, okra, zucchini served with onion, coconut flavored rice) $13.95
Shrimp tempura (Served with miso soup and rice) $13.95
Pineapple shrimp (lightly battered shrimp with our special pineapple mayo sauce and served with jasmine rice) $15.75
Shrimp with Asian eggplant (In a spicy garlic sauce served with Jasmine rice) $15.95
Basil seafood with Malaysian black bean sauce (Shrimp, scallop & squid, served with jasmine rice) $15.95
Happy family (Shrimp, scallop, beef & chicken stir fry with peapod, broccoli & asparagus in our special brown sauce served with jasmine rice) $16.95
Kung pao chicken (With basil jalapeno peppers served with chicken marinated, sauteed with scorched dry peppers in our special tangy sauce, served with jasmine rice) $12.95
General Gau's Chicken (A mouth watering dish made with large chunks of chicken marinated, sauteed with scorched dry peppers in our special tangy sauce, served with jasmine rice) $13..95
Seafood Udo Stir fried (Available vegetarian) $12.50
Malaysian Indian style noodle stir-fried with seafood (available vegetarian) $11.25
Flank steak chow foon with Malaysian sausage (also known a chow kueh teow) $11.25
Crispy yellow noodle with seafood in Kung pao sauce (available vegetarian & non-spicy) $11.25
Basil fried coconut-flavored rice with shrimp (available vegetarian) $10.95
Assorted flying fish caviar fried rice (With smoked salmon and topped with dried bonito flakes) $15.95
Unagi Don (Grilled fresh water eel glazed with a special sauce over a bed of rice) $14.95
Sesame beef (Thick strips of prime beef dipped in lotus flour, fried and cooked in an exquisite sesame seed sauce) $14.95




Tuna $4.25
Yellowtail $4.75
Eel $4.95
Fluke $4.50
Sea Urchin $6.75
Flying Fish Caviar (red, black spicy or wasabi) $4.25
White Tuna $4.95
Octopus $4.50
Salmon $4.25
Striped bass $3.75
Shrimp $3.75
Salmon Caviar $4.50

Maki Plates


Ponzu spicy rolls (choices of Tuna, Salmon or Yellowtail) $5.95
Caterpillar (With eel, flying fish caviar, cucumber & topped with avocado) $8.95
Dragon (Crunchy spicy salmon roll with eel and flying fish caviar on top) $10.95
Scorpion maki (eel, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with shrimp) $9.95
Red Sox maki (eel, flying fish caviar, avocado and topped with mayo king crab meat) $10.95
P.Q. roll (spicy lobster roll, and topped with white tuna and tuna) $10.95
Volcano (spicy salmon top with bake scallop and crabmeat) $14.95
Four Season (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crabmeat and avocado tempura) $9.95
X max maki (Shrimp tempura with spicy tuna on top) $10.95
Hurricane Roll (Spicy Salmon and crab salad roll topped with sweet and crispy taro strings) $11.95
King Crab Roll (King crab mixed with mayo and Japanese mayo with cucumber, avocado, nd luttuce) $11.95
Snow white (Crunchy spicy yellowtail with white tuna on top) $9.95
Snow mountain (Shrimp tempura with king crabmeat and tobiko on top) $10.95
House maki (spicy tuna roll with white fish tempura on top) $9.95
Rainbow maki (crab stick, wrapped with assorted sashimi) $10.95
Pinky lady (tuna, salmon, white fish, tobiko and avocado) $9.95
Godzilla (yellowtail tempura with avocado, crabmeat, cucumber & drizzled with balsamic ponzu) $9.95
White tiger roll (tuna and English Cucumber wrapped in a special white nori topped with wasabi mayo and flying fish caviar) $9.50
Goldfish (egg, grilled eel & flying fish caviar wrapped with shrimp & salmon) $9.50
Soft shell crab maki ( with spicy mayo, Lettuce, cucumber, avocado and flying fish caviar) $9.25
Crazy maki (cucumber, avocado, shrimp tempura, flying fish caviar and spicy mayo) $7.95
Tempura shrimp roll (cucumber, flying fish caviar and spicy mayo) $6.95
Torched maki (avocado, cucumber wrap with torch seared. Choice of yellowtail, salmon, or tuna) $9.95
Master green (asparagus, seaweed, mango, cucumber and avocado) $7.95
Garden roll (lettuce, carrot, cucumber, jimcama, mango and mayonnaise) $6.95
Sunshine maki (Shrimp with cucumber) $5.95


Rice Paper Maki

(The following rolls are wrapped with rice paper, lettuce & mixed greens instead of sushi rice, a must try for carbs conscious diners)

Spicy Tuna $7.25
Spicy Lobster $11.95
Dynamite roll (spicy scallop) $10.95

American Maki

Alaskan salmon skin roll with cucumber $5.95
Boston roll (with avocado & topped with salmon) $6.50
California roll (topped with assorted colorful flying fish) $6.75
Philadelphia cream cheese roll (with smoked salmon) $5.95
Essex fried clam roll (topped with our special tartar sauce and teriyaki sauce. A must try for clam lovers) $9.95

International Maki

Beijing duck roll (with scallions & cucumber) $9.95
Korean Kim Chi roll $5.95
Mexican salsa shrimp tempura roll (with sour cream) $9.95
Vietnamese style steamed shrimp roll (wrapped with rice & cucumber in a rice paper & serve with hoisin sauce) $8.95

Side Plates

Chicken flavored brown rice $2.50
Coconut flavored jasmine rice $2.50
Jasmine white rice $1.75
Steamed vegetables (with house special brown sauce topped with olive oil. Choice of snow pea, broccoli, asparagus or string bean) $6.50
Tempura vegetables $6.50
Teriyaki fried tofu $6.50
Seasonal Asian vegetable of the day (please ask for price and availability)  
Spicy edamame (non-spicy available) $4.95




Curry dumpling (with noodles soup) $6.95
Spicy Seafood kim chi soup with udon $6.95
House mix greens salads (with Malaysian chicken teriyaki) $6.95



Sushi lunch (6 pieces of nigiri sushi & 6 pieces of California roll) $9.95
Sashimi lunch (14 pieces of sashimi & sushi rice) $12.95
Makimono lunch (18 pieces California roll, cucumber roll & spicy tuna roll) $10.95
Sushi and sashimi lunch (4 pieces of nigiri sushi & 8 pieces of sashimi) $10.95
Chef special combo (6 pieces spicy tuna roll, 2 pieces tuna & 2 pieces salmon sushi) $9.95
Cooked sushi combo (6 pieces California roll, 2 pieces shrimp, 2 pieces eel sushi) $9.95
Spicy maki combo (6 pieces spicy tuna roll, 6 pieces spicy crab stick maki) $9.95



(Served with miso soup, or hot & sour soup, coconut flavored rice, chicken flavored brown rice or jasmine white rice and salad)

Kung Pao chicken (with basil and jalapeno peppers) $7.95
General Gau's chicken $8.95
Sesame duck $8.50
Ponzu salmon teriyaki $8.75
Mango chicken $7.95
Cashew nut chicken $7.95
Beef with mushroom and vegetables $7.95
Malaysian red curry chicken $7.95
Banana leaf dried curry beef $8.50
Fried tofu with mixed vegetables (in brown sauce) $7.50


Mee goreng (Malaysian Indian style fried noodle with seafood) $7.25
Basil fried rice with shrimp $7.25

These items may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked egg or meats may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Prices subject to change without notice. All Day Delivery

We now offer a full scale catering service. Great for any occasion such as parties, family gatherings, weddings, functions and etc.

Business Promotions

General Information

10. Company Overview: PONZU invites you to explore Far East without boundaries where you will find here a cuisine filled with love and passion. Spices from the East, Western ingredients and herbs from the Rest of the world incorporate with modern presentations to create dishes that are perfect to share. Our selections are extremely diverse and range from contemporary sushi & fresh sashimi, exotic Asian tapas, Malaysian-Indian bread and noodle and Malaysian-Chinese creations of seafood taro pot and neo curries. Fiery Portuguese baked fish in tin foil prepared by Malaysia's Eurasian community is one of our specialties. Due to the sensitivity of today's healthier eating trend - many of our entrees are cooked with soy bean and olive oil. We use only the freshest vegetables and no MSG is ever added.The latest inclusion in our menu is White Soy Sauce which is fermented with no preservatives; no GMO (genetically Modified) ingredients used, no MSG added, no heating for microbial stability.It has a super congeniality with natural ingredients like olive oil & white wine. With fresh sushi and sashimi dipped in a wasabi added white soy sauce, the taste is remarkably exciting. Do not hesitate to try it. Customer’s satisfaction is very important to us. Your choices are not limited to our menu listings. Our talented chefs are more than happy to do their utmost to accommodate your dining pleasures. It does not matter whether you live to eat or eat to live we welcome you to try and sample a little of everything. We encourage you to order as many small plates (Asian tapas) in our menu so that your palate can experience as many different flavors as possible.

11. Type of Business: Japanese Restaurant

12. Year Established: 2005

13. Type of Organization: Corporation

14. Number of Locations: 1

15. Client Testimonials:

I was impressed with the quiet serenity of the place, the quick and attentive service, and the free fried salmon skin appetizer that appeared on our table while I was reading the menu. I had the Avocado Seafood Salad. It was a delightful, light, subtly tasty appetizer, which was exactly what I was looking for. My friend had sushi and sashimi, and said it was excellent. The prices are good, the quality is high, the staff is professional, and it's a lovely place hidden in plain sight.

By Steve L. Source: yelp.com Posted 5/1/2010


As a bit of a sushi snob I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and presentation of Ponzu's sushi and maki.

I had the spicy salmon maki which was a great deal at $6 for 6 regular sized pieces, the volcano maki which was HUGE and very very good but the same price as other places I've been ($15).  You could easily split this between two people and be pretty satisfied with another small dish on the side.

Crazy maki also gets five stars and I think it was a great deal at $8 for 4 large pieces.

I will definitely be back!

By Gretchen M. Source: yelp.com Posted 3/26/2010


After returning back to Mass from college I was taken to Ponzu by a friend who was shocked when I told her I hadn't had 'real' sushi before. Well I am so glad that she brought me here! We started out our meal with  miso soup. It was fantastic! a good amount of tofu and seaweed. We then ordered one of each the four seasons maki, tempura shrimp roll, philadelphia roll and the caterpillar. I discover that I don't like eel but everything else was amazing! The four seasons and shrimp are my favorite. we paid $26 a person and walked away full. I've also tried the California roll which is fantastic as well! since that first time I have been back at least three more times in the past month.

By Gena Marie M. Source: yelp.com Posted 1/16/2010


Since I first reviewed Ponzu, I have up-ed my attendance to about once  or twice ever week or so. It is a quick, easy, and consistently tasty place to grab dinner.

My favorite include the tofu with brown sauce (add cashews), the red coconut curry with coconut rice, the veggie maki rolls, the crispy bean curd with peanut sauce, the veggie egg rolls, and now the Malaysian Indian style noodles with veggies.

Although I have had several run ins with the head hostess... she doubled charged my card on three separate occasions... The staff is friendly and remembers your favorite dishes. Meagan N. and I have become VIP and even receive special complementary appetizers from time to time. Thank you Ponzu, for feeding me whenever I am too tired to cook.

By Alexis J. Source: yelp.com Posted 7/30/2008


17. Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday - Saturday 11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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