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Business Profile

Molana Restaurant

"No. 1 Persian Cuisine in New England"

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Business Name: Molana Restaurant

Address: 5 Spring Street

City: Watertown

State: Ma

Zip code: 02472

Phone: 617-923-2554

Website: www.molanarestaurant.com

Products & Services

Restaurant Menu


1) Kashk Bademjan Mixture of sautéed eggplant, onion, mint and our secret dressing $6.99
2) Mast-O-Khiar Yogurt with chopped cucumber and dry mint $4.99
3) Mast-O-Mosir Yogurt and shallots $5.99
4) Mast-E-Sadeh Plain homemade yogurt $3.99
5) Dolmeh Moe Stuffed Grape Leaves (Sweet and Sour), cooked rice, parlsey, spring onion, leak and mint $6.99
6) Torshee Garden vegetable in spicy eggplant with vinegar $4.99
7) Hommous Tahini Garbanzo beans, fresh garlic, tahini and lemon juice $4.99
8) Pickles Homemade pickles $4.99


9) Salad shirazi chopped cucumber and tomato, onion, lemon juice, olive oil and spices $4.99
10) Tabouli Parsley, mint, onion, tomatom cracked wheat, lemon juice, olive oil and spices $6.99
11) Pickles Homemade pickles $6.99


12) Barley soup A delicious cooked mixture of barley, vegatables and herbshopped cucumber and tomato, onion, lemon juice, olive oil and spices $4.99
13) Ash Reshteh A tasty cooked combination of vermicelli noodles, rice, red kidney beans, split peas, parsley, green onions, cilantro, spinach, herbs and kashk (yogurt based) $4.99


(All entrees are served with basmati rice, and grilled tomato)

14) Mirza Gasemi Mixture of sauteed eggplant, onion, tomato, garlic and egg. Server on rice or flat bread $11.99
15) Daily Khoresht Stew beef and vegetables $11.99
16) Kabob-E-Kubideh* Two skewers of ground beef cooked over open fire $11.99
17) Kabob-E-Barg* Marinated and pounded beef tenderion cooked over open fire $13.99
18) Kabob-E-Soltani* Combination of skewered tenderion of beef and skewr of ground beef. Cooked over open fire $17.99
19) Baghali Polo with Lamb Shank Boiled lamb shank in special herbs and spices with Baghali Polo (rice, lima beans and dill weed) $16.99
20) Boneless Lamb Kabob* Chunks of marinated lamb tenderion cooked over open fire $17.99
21) Zereshk Polo with Chicken* Skewered chicken breasts cooked over open fire. served with sweet and sour currant-saffron Basmati rice $16.99
22) Chicken Kubideh* Two skewers of seosoned ground chicken broiled over open fire $13.99
23) Chicken Barg* Skewer of chicken breast cooked over open fire $12.99
24) Chicken Soltani* Combination of chicken Barg and Chicken Kubideh $16.99
25) Jujeh Kabob* (Cornish Hen) Marinated Cornish Hen skewered and grilled over open fire $16.99
26) Combo Platter* Combination of Beef Barg, Chicken Barg and Beef Kubideh $27.99
27) Fresh Salmon Kabob* Marinated in saffron, olive oil, lemon juice and various seasonings $18.99
28) Adas polo with Chicken* Seasoned chicken served with Basmati rice mixed with lentil and raisins $16.99
29) Loubia Polo Fried and cooked chunks of beef tenderion mixed with string beans and Basmati rice $14.99
30) Albaloo Polo* Skewered chicken breasts cooked over open fire. Served with sweet and sour cherry Basmati rice $16.99
31) Shirin Polo* Skewered chicken breastcooked over open fire. served with rice mixed with sweet orange peel and almonds $16.99
32) Vegetable Plate Combination of sala and stuffed grape leaves $11.99

Lunch Specials

Monday throught friday 12:00PM - 3:00PM (Except Holidays)

33) Beef kubideh* with grilled tomato and rice $8.99
34) Beef Barg* with grilled tomato and rice $10.99
35) Beef Soltani* with grilled tomato and rice $12.99
36) Chicken Kubideh* with grilled tomato and rice $9.99
37) Chicken Barg* with grilled tomato and rice $9.99
38) Chicken Soltani* with grilled tomato and rice $11.99
39) Adas Polo with Chicken* Seasoned chicken served with basmati rice mixed with lentil and raisins $10.99
40) Vegetable Plate $9.49
41) Beef Kubideh Sandwich* One skewer of ground beef $6.99
42) Chicken Kubideh Sandwich* One skewer of ground chicken $6.99


Rolet - Persian-style rolled cake with chipped cream $4.99
Persian Ice cream Made with saffron, rose water and Persian cream $4.99
Baklava $4.99
Zoulbia and bamieh - Flour, sugar, honey and rose water into a pretzel shape $4.99


Soft Drink $1.99
House Dugh $2.99
Coffee $1.50
Mineral Water $1.50
Ice Tea $1.99
Tea (Persian) $1.50

We offer a full catering service for every kind of event, large or small.

These items may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Add Mass Meal Taxes To All Price

Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice

Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy

Business Promotions

General Information

10. Company Overview: All of our dishes are prepared fresh using USDA top quality choice beef, imported spices, and assortments of fresh vegetables. Try one of our signature dishes such as lamb kabob, marinated cornish hen, or tabouli salad. All of our entrees are served with basmati race, saffron, and grilled tomato. Try one of our skewers cooked to order over our open fire or our authentic ash reshteh soup. World class cuisine right around the corner in Watertown. We Provide you with delicious and healthy choices of food, outstanding service and good value are our objectives. With complex, flavorful dishes, a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service, Molana is certainly a great choice for those who like Middle Eastern and Central Asian foods. And with the added benefits of moderate prices and easy parking (there is a large lot across the street), there is very little not to like about this charming dining spot just north of Watertown Square. Molana Restaurant & Molana Club Bar is also available for private parties. It’s the perfect place to host a private event, business meeting, or intimate. Our restaurant is a two level restaurant which specializes in Persian food and Persian Catering in Boston area which are one of a kind. Every Saturday Belly Dance at Molana Club Bar. Every Monday Live Jazz at Molana Club Bar.

11. Company History: Family owned and operated since 1999. Our Persian cuisine typically includes items that you might find in Indian restaurants as well as Middle Eastern dining spots, so some of the dishes at Molana may seem familiar. Both the lunch and dinner menus includes such well-known items as stuffed grape leaves, homemade yogurt, tabouli, barley soup, and a number of kabobs. But there are also traditional Persian dishes that diners may be less familiar with, such as ashe reshteh, which is a wonderfully earthy and spicy noodle soup with vermicelli noodles, split peas, kidney beans, rice, spinach, green onions, and herbs such as cilantro and parsley.

12. Type of Business: Persian Cuisine

13. Year Established: 1999

14. Type of Organization: Corporation

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

Love this place!  We went here the other night for my brother's birthday -  the first time for all of us.  The waitstaff is incredibly friendly.  Our waitress gave us fantastic menu recommendations and all of the meat was tender and satisfying - the rice is awesome.  The lamb that my BG got was probably the best.  Highly recommend it.

By Jessica D. Source: yelp.com Posted 12/16/2008


I love the food here.  The kebabs are fantastic and I love the different kinds of rice.  (especially with the currants!)  The only downside is that the service can be really slow...they tend to be under-staffed, but they're usually pleasant enough that I can't get too disgruntled.  I also like their dolmehs and Persian tea.  Never been there for the lunch buffet, but I'd consider trying it.

By Kristine M. Source: yelp.com Posted 12/6/2007


AMAZING!!! I went here with a big group of friends. I was skeptical because there are only two vegetarian entree options, but there are quite a few vegetarian appetizers. We ordered hummus for the table to start. Fantastic. I ordered the barley and vegetable soup and it was divine, and perfect on a bitter cold night. A bunch of my friends ordered the Mirza Gasemi, sauteed eggplant tomato and egg with pita or rice. So tasty. The rice mixed with orange peel and almonds is also great. Even though we were stuffed, we felt compelled to try the baklava and were not disappointed. The staff could not have been sweeter or more welcoming. I cannot wait to go back.

By Eliz G. Source: yelp.com Posted 12/9/2006

17. Hours of Operation:

We are open 7 days a week from 12.00 pm – 10.00 pm

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