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Business Name: Rami's

Street: 324 Harvard Street

City: Brookline

State: Ma

Zip code: 02446

Phone: 617-738-3577

Fax: 617-738-3564

Products & Services

Menu List


It's All natural - Rami's Falafel is so delicious that you'll forget how healthy it is for you! His secret recipe of herbs and spices make these golden falafel balls the best treat you will find on this side of the Atlantic)

Falafel Plate with Houmos $7.95
Houmos Falafel in Pita $7.95
Houmos Salad in Pita $6.95
Falafel Houmos Salad Plate $9.95

Baba Ganoush

(Call it "Baba" for short. If you have never tried this tangy melange or crushed sesame and eggplant, you are missing a real treat)

Baba Salad in Pita $6.95
Baba Falafel in Pita $7.95
Baba Falafel Salad Plate $9.95
Baba Houmos Falafel Plate $10.95
Baba Houmos Falafel Salad Plate $11.95


Small Garden Salad $4.95
Large Garden Salad $6.95
Tuna Salad on Pita or Bread $7.95
Tuna Salad Plate $8.95

Kabab Yerushalmi

(Kababs of lean ground meat rolled into perfectly seasoned pieces that will make your mouth water)

Houmos Kabab in Pita $10.95
Kabab Plate with Salad $11.95
Kabab Houmos Salad Plate $13.95
Kabab Houmos Falafel Salad Plate $14.95


(Fresh Chicken in a marinade of middle eastern spice,

grilled to perfection with chopped onions)

Houmos Chicken in Pita $10.95
Grilled Chicken Plate with Salad $11.95
Grilled Chicken Houmos Salad Plate $13.95
Grilled Chicken Houmos Falafle Salad Plate $14.95


Schnitzel, Houmos in Pita $10.95
Schnitzel, Houmos with Salad $11.95
Schnitzel, Houmos, Salad Plate $13.95
Schnitzel, Houmos, Falafel, Salad Plate $14.95


Rami's Special

The Ultimate PuPu Platter!

An assortment of Kababs, Falafel, Grilled Chicken, Houmos

and Salad all on one Plate



(Seasoned to perfection! Rotisseried turkey meat is roasted to a crisp, then thinly sliced. Our Shawarma melts in your mouth!)

Houmos Shawarma in Pita $10.95
Shawarma Plate with Salad $11.45
Shawarma Houmos Salad Plate $13.45
Shawarma Houmos Falafel Salad Plate $14.95

Hamburgers & Hotdogs

(Kosher, so you know it's good)

Hamburger with Salad in Pita $6.95
Hamburger with French Fries $7.95
Hot Dog $3.95
Hot Dog with French Fries $5.95

Extras & Side Orders

Falafel Balls $0.50 / Each
Pita Pockets $0.50 / Each
French Fries $2.95
Chocolate Croissant $1.75
Plate of Baklava $3.95
Moroccan Cigars $0.95 / Each

By The Pound

(Houmos, Bab Ganoush, Tahini)

1/4 Lb. $3.45
1/2 Lb. $5.95
1 Lb. $8.95


(A true delicatessen! Puffed pastry dough topped with hundredsof sesame seeds, filled with an assortment of scrumptious delights)

Potato Bourekas $2.75
Spinach Bourekas $2.75
Mushroom Bourekas $2.75
Eggplant Bourekas $2.75

Bourekas Combos

1 Potato Bourekas with Salad & Sauce $7.95
1 Spinach Bourekas with Salad & Sauce $7.95
1 Mushroom Bourekas with Salad & Sauce $7.95
1 Eggplant Bourekas with Salad & Sauce $7.95


(Coke - Diet Coke - Sprite - Diet Sprite - Root Beer - Orange)

Small $1.50
Medium $1.75
Large $1.95
Delicious Israeli Fruit Nectars $2.75
Bottled Spring Water $1.95


Coffee $1.95
Single Shot Espresso $2.45
Double Shot Espresso $2.95

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Add State Meal Tax To All Prices

Catering Platters

Dine In or Take Out

Delivery Available Trough Night Owl

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General Information

10. Company Overview: Our appetizers, salads and entrees are prepared with family recipes handed down from generation to generation. We have brought these recipes to Brookline, Massachusetts from, Israel for your enjoyment. Come in and enjoy authentic shwarma, fresh falafel, juicy steaks, delicious hamburgers, and more! Perfect for an informal lunch meeting or casual night out, Rami's promises fresh, authentic Israeli food.

11. Company History: Since 1990 Rami's has followed the strictest hallachic kashrut laws. Our goal is to provide to our customers the best in Glatt Kosher Israeli food Brookline has to offer, in fact, enjoy the best in the world! We also offer the best in kosher catering at the restaurant or at the location of your choice. Our mission from the beginning has been to exceed each customer expectation in food, service and cleanliness, all within our affordable price point. As a family owned business with more than 20 years of service in the restaurant industry, we are more focused and passionate than ever.

12. Type of Business: Restaurant

13. Year Established: 1990

14. Type of Organization: Corporation

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

You would never think that this little tiny place in coolidge corner was what it is... oh and if it is! I'm always on the hunt for some good falafel and baba-ganoush and this place is incredible! the staff is superfriendly and I've never been in when they haven't also just been extremely helpful and great. Apart from sandwiches (more like pita pockets) they also have platters and salads both of which I've tried and love. they have baklava and other desserts on the go too most of the time and i've never tried them but they do also have fruit juices!
the only reason I'd possibly deduct half a star is that although this is some of the freshest food you can get around this area it isn't exactly cheap when it comes to portion-cost territory. I personally think it's worth it though and if you've never tried it please do, you'll be hooked.

By Sofia D. / Posted 10/5/08 / Source: Yelp


I'm glad it's not just me but yes, I must concur, this place has the best pita sandwiches EVER.  Huge sandwich comes complete with pickles, veggies, hot sauce, hummus and tender chicken (depending on if u get a meat)....ohhh, so good.  My friend and I ventured to this place on 3 separate occasions before we got there when it was open (closed on Fri and Sat, I think?) because it is so good.  Never disappointed!  Casual atmosphere, service is fast and friendly.  Yums!!

By Joyce T. / Posted 7/14/08 / Source: Yelp


This is simply a review of Rami's hot sauce, since everything else that can be said about this place has been said already. To summarize what everyone else is saying: delicious falafel, delicious schwarma (yes... IT'S TURKEY!!!), but a bit pricey (just a bit, but still on the cheaper side -- and hey, fresh/homemade costs more that's just the way it goes people!!!)

On to the hot sauce. It's awesome. I love spicy, and I love flavor, and guess what: Rami's hot sauce has both in spades. It's not "hot for hot's sake".... it's hot and delicious. It's pretty rare that a condiment is what sets a restaurant apart... but hey there's a first time for everything.

By Mark C. / Posted 4/2/08 / Source: Yelp


I love Rami's! I've been going there for years and it's still great.  Rami's has middle eastern food and I believe it's Kosher for anyone who cares.  I always gets the falafel and baba ganoush pita pocket with extra pickles but their hummus is great too.  They have meat also-lamb and such.  

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but when I do go there the owner/staff speak to me in Hebrew, despite the fact that I don't speak the language.  Even funnier is I used to go all the time with Erin who is way more Jewish then me in that she was actually raised orthodox and yet they spoke English to her!  I guess I look more Israeli!

By Nicole P. / Posted 7/20/07 / Source: Yelp


17. Hours of Operation:

Sunday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

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