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Business Profile

Jacob's Floor Sanding

22 years of experience. We sweep the floor clean immediately before sanding. Inspect the floor carefully - tighten any loose boards by face nailing with flooring cleats or 6d to 8d flooring nails, preferably into joists, look for any protruding nail heads or nails not driven down below the wood's surface, pull them out or counter-sink them with a nail set and replace any damaged or defective flooring boards (sanding exposed nails can produce sparks creating a fire hazard in the sander dust bag). Company Logo

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Business Name: Jacob Floor Sanding
Street: 67 King Street
City: Watertown
State: Ma
Zip code: 20472
Phone: 617-458-6041
Email: takoushkostikian@yahoo.com

Products & Services

1. Sanding floor
2. Waxing floor
3. Refinishing floor
4. Repairing floor
5. Hardwood floor installation

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General Information

10. Company Overview: Jacob's Floor Sanding Service is the Boston area's premier hardwood floor sanding and refinishing company. A builder and flooring professional for nearly 22 years, Jacob takes pride in the fact that to this day, he still handles each and every job himself.

11. Company History: Since 1992 Jacob's Floor Sanding provides best of hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services in the Greater Boston area's.

12. Type of Business: Home service

13. Year Established: 1992

14. Type of Organization:

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

17. Hours of Operation:

Monday - Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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