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Business Profile

Josephs Two Restaurant

Reader's Choice Award Winners 5 years in a row for "Best Breakfast". Serving Olde Fashioned Luncheons & Sandwiches. Mediterranean Countryside & N.E. Dining every Friday and Saturday Evening!






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Business Name: Josephs Two Restaurant

Address: 805 Main Street (Rte 20)

City: Waltham

State: Ma

Zip code: 02451

Phone: 781-899-4754

Products & Services

Breakfast Menu

Chef Joseph's Breakfast Favorites

Eggs St. Christeen (two poached eggs atop layers of hickory smoked ham, served over a fresh split croissant, and draped with Bernaise sauce). Served with home fries. $7.99
Corned Beef Hash'n Two Eggs (Served with toast'n jelly or a fresh baked muffin. With 3 eggs add $0.89. Add cheese to your eggs or Hash, just $0.99 extra) $7.99
Danish Ham Delight (scrambled eggs whipped with diced ham, served over English muffins, draped with Bernaise sauce. Top your homefries with melted cheese and Bacon for $1.99 extra). Served with home fries. $6.99
Bananas Supreme (our thick-cut French Toast topped with fresh bananas, sauteed in Maple-walnut butter then dusted with powdered sugar delicious! Add on a Side of Bacon, Sausages, Hickory ham, or Two eggs for $2.29 extra). $6.99
Belgium Waffle Breakfasts (Choose your waffle either topped with fresh strawberries in season and whipped cream or with one egg and either bacon, ham or sausage or if you prefer, a plain waffle only $5.79. Served Weekends Only. $6.99

Early-Bird Breakfast Specials served daily until 8:30 a.m. all under $5.00


Add your favorite cheese to your eggs, homefires, or hash for just $0.99

Grilled Half Pound Steak'n Two Eggs Served with home fries. 8 oz, hand-carved sliced of our U.S.D.A. Choice Western Beef (12 oz. $13.99) $10.99
Grilled Ham Steak or Kielbasa'n Two Eggs with home fries. Served with toast n' jelly or fresh baked muffin with 3 eggs, add just $0.89. $7.99
Bacon, Ham, or Sausages with Two Eggs and home fries. (Served with toast or muffin. With a short stack of pancakes add $2.29 $6.29
Native Cranberry or Wild Blueberry Pancakes (With Bacon, Ham, Sausages or 2 Eggs add $2.29) $5.99
French Toast or Buttermilk Pancakes (with Bacon, Ham, Sausages or 2 Eggs add $2.29) $5.49
Two eggs, home and toast or a muffin (with a short stack of pancakes add $2.29. Top your eggs or fries with cheese for only $0.99. $4.99

Breakfast Side Orders

Short Stack Pancakes or French Toast with Breakfast $2.25
Short Stack Pancakes or French Toast a la carte $3.25
Homefries (Red Bliss Potatoes) $1.89
Nantucket Crabcakes $6.99
8 ounce Breakfast Steak $8.99
Maple Oatmeal or Cold Cereal $2.79
Fruit Cup or Fresh Melon App $2.59
Side of H-fries Melted Cheese $2.59
Hillshire Kielbasa or ham Steak $5.49
Side: Bacon, Ham, or Sausages $2.29
Side of Two Eggs, any style $2.29
Toast'n Jelly or English Muffin $1.85
Side of "Bananas Supreme" $3.99
Muffin (half Dozen to go $7.99) $1.99
Croissant (instead of Toast. $1.29) $2.29
Side order of Corned Beef Hash $5.79

Hardy New England Breakfasts

The Hungryman's Breakfast Special (three farm fresh eggs, bacon, sausages, home fries, toast, homemade cornbread, and a stack of buttermilk pancakes). With Blueberry or Cranberry Pancakes only $1.29 extra. Top your fries with melted cheese and Bacon bites for $1.99. $7.99
The Lumberjack Breakfast (Try our hash topped with melted Vt. Cheddar only $0.99. Crispy corned-beef hash'n 2 eggs, with toast, our homemade cornbread, and a stack of "flapjacks" or French Toast) $8.49
The Montpelier Breakfast (Our Thick-cut french toast served with a two-egg diced ham scramble topped with Vermont cheddar (top the fries toast with sauteed bananas supreme $2.69) $7.79
The Bostonian (top your home fries with cheese $0.99 or with bacon and cheese $1.99). Scrambled eggs, hickory ham, and american cheese are stuffed into a flaky croissant, with home fries and a side of French toast) $7.49

The Cape Codder Breakfast (our native cranberry pancakes, served with bacon, ham or sausages, and two farm fresh eggs, prepared any style top your eggs with cheese $0.99)

The Berkshire breakfast (Our Thick-cut french toast topped with fresh baked apple crisp and served with bacon, ham, sausages or two eggs) $7.99


Chef Joseph's Breakfast Special (3 eggs, bacon, ham, or sausages, homefires, and toast. Add cheese to eggs or fries for $0.99 each)

Switch To Your Liking!

Switch your included Plain Pancakes to Cranberry, Blueberry or Chocolate Chip $1.29
Switch your Home fries to fries topped with melted cheese and fresh bacon bites $1.99
Switch your included Pancakes or 1/2 french toast to "Bananas Supreme' $2.69
Switch your Eggs or Homefries to melted cheese topped eggs or fries $0.99

Joseph Two Omelettes

(Made from 3 eggs, fluffy light, and golden brown. All served with toast'n jelly or a homemade muffin, (with a Croissant instead add $1.29. With a stack of pancakes Blueberry, Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, or Buttermilk add $2.29)

The JII Omelette (Danish ham, mushrooms, onions, and 2 cheeses) $7.29
The Western (Diced ham and grilled onions. With cheese add $0.89) $5.99
Vegetable Omelette (sauteed onions, tomatoes, peppers, fresh basil, and mushrooms) $6.29
Mushroom Omelette (Fresh sauteed, with sherry-butter. With cheese add $0.89) $5.79
The Denver Omelette (flashed green peppers, onions and ham. With cheese add $0.89) $6.29
Ham'n Cheese Omelette (without ham $5.29) $5.99


Eggbeater brand egg substitute are available for an additional charge with any breakfast

Luncheon and Evening Dining Menu

From 11:00 a.m. Weekdays, 1:00 p.m. Saturday (Sunday breakfast only)

Evening Dining Friday & Saturday until 9:00 p.m.


Fresh Chicken Tenderloins the way you want $6.99 Each
Choose from: Buffalo Style with Blue Cheese Dip, Italian Breaded with marinara Dip, New England Fried with Honey Dijon, and Teriyaki Style with Seasame ginger Dip.
Toasted Raviolis and Mozzarella Sticks (Marinara or Nona's "Gravy" Tomato meat sauce)
Bruchetta Bread Platter (Baked with olive oil, garlic, basil, pesto and fresh plum tomato, and finished with shaved romano)
Garlic Bread Basket (Second on the house every Friday and Saturday Night Try it parmesan style $1.50 each)








Pasta e fagioli $2.59 $3.99
New England Clam Chowder $2.59 $3.99
Split Pea With Roasted Ham $2.59 $3.99
Corn Chowder $2.59 $3.99
Chicken Pastina $2.59 $3.99

3 Deckers, Hearty Sandwiches and 1/3 Lb. Angus Burgers (All include French Fries or Onion Rings or add a Cup of Soup for $1.29)

Big 3 Deckers: Roasted Turkey Breast Club or Cheeseburger Club $8.99
Big 3 Deckers: Loaded, Grilled Hickory Ham and Vermont Cheddar Sandwich $7.49
Big 3 Deckers: Chicken Cutlet or Eggplant Cutlet Parmesan Sandwich $7.79
Classic American Cheeseburger or Bacon Cheddar Burger (add sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, or roasted peppers for $0.89 each) $7.99

Italian Selection

Homemade Lasagna & Meatballs (Layers and layers of pasta, herbed ricotta, lean meat, and mozzarella, topped "gravy' tomato-meat sauce) $8.99

Favorite Pasta and Favorite Sauce.

Pasta Choices: Toasted Ravioli, Penne Ziti, Linguine, or Gnocci Dumplings.

Sauce Choices: Creamy Basil-Pest, Classic Alfredo, Marinara, or Nona's Gravy with Tomato-meat sauce.





Hand Breaded Cutlet parmesan and your favorite pasta with Veal Parmesan $9.99
Hand Breaded Cutlet parmesan and your favorite pasta with Chicken Parmesan $8.99
Hand Breaded Cutlet parmesan and your favorite pasta with Eggplant Parmesan $7.99
Chicken Cacciatore over Penne (fresh tenders, slow simmered classically with peppers, onions, and mushrooms in a light spicy marinara) $9.49
Chicken Broccoli and Ziti Saute (tossed in a light garlic infused creamy parmesan sauce) $9.49


New England Favorites

New England Fish' Chips (Lightly dusted, served with french fries, onion rings and tartar sauce) $9.29
Roasted Beef Dinner (with fresh mashed potatoes, todays Vegetable, and mushroom gravy) $9.49
Chicken or Beef Pot Pie (Baked in Casserole with a puff pastry topper and homemade cornbread) $8.99
Grilled Sirloin Tips (3/4 lb. and lightly marinated with onions and roasted peppers, over rice pilaf or mashed potato) $9.99
Baked fillet or 'Boston' School (a local classic, dusted with sherry-butter crumbs, with pot and vegetable) $9.99
Connecticut Style Pot Roast (slow braised with fresh mashed potatoes and vegetable) $9.29
Grilled Shrimp Skewers (Teriyaki Style with peppers, onion, and mushrooms over rice or Scampi Style over linguine) $9.99
Grilled 10oz. Sirloin Steak (Served with Roasted or mashed Pot. and grilled Broccoli Spears). Add a grilled shrimp skewer to your steak, or Sirloin Tips (above) for only $3.99 each. $9.99



Spiced Chai Tea Latte $2.99
American Coffee with refill $1.99
Hot Cocoa $1.99
Pot of Tea $1.99
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2.99
16 Oz. Iced Tea or Iced Coffee with refill $2.99
Chilled Fruit Juice: Orange, Grapefruit, Tomatoe, Apple & Cranberry Small $1.75 Medium $2.50 Large $3.25
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (We squeeze it, fresh, right here every morning) Small $5.65 Medium $3.50 Large $4.25

Full Off-Premise Buffet Catering Service Available

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy

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General Information

10. Company Overview: We come in early and prepare our recipes fresh every day. For example, our Nona's "gravy" (Tomato- meat sauce) is made from a special recipe unique to us, and is prepared from scratch each day. Another reason our food is so good is that we serve all our meals fresh, hot and made to order. Our gourmet coffee, 100% pure-squeezed orange juice, generous servings, and creative menu items all combine to make a meal at Joseph Two Restaurant memorable.

11. Company History: Family owned and operated since 1979. Since day one Josephs Two has been a staple to the Waltham community, and surrounding towns. The owners believe very much in “keeping it simple” and “making it special.” We offer delicious breakfast and lunch options. Our motto is, 'if we can make it in house….we’re all about it! Friendly service with a smile, and home cooking that leaves you feeling satisfied without breaking your piggy bank. A refreshingly pleasant experience overall. We also attribute our success to the employees that help you enjoy your visit. We have been blessed with many great employees over the years who have one goal in mind. We want you to have the best breakfast or lunch you've ever had.

12. Type of Business: Breakfast & Luncheon Restaurant

13. Year Established: 1979

14. Type of Organization: Corporation

15. Number of Locations: 1

16. Client Testimonials:

I was very excited when I walked into this place yesterday.  The dark-wooded decor brought me back to a time when I would visit the old family-style restaurants in the 70s with my parents.  Our waitress had the friendly gruffness that you usually see in old diners.  Our food, most importantly, was pretty good, solving my craving for a Belgian waffle, and greasy home fries.  I will definitely return.

By Angela Noelle M. Source: yelp.com Posted 8/3/2009


We came here for brunch on recommendation from my friend, who said it is one of her favorate brunch places to go to.  I found it to be a great diner for breakfast if you have the means to get here from Boston.  Huge portions and good prices.  My friend had an omelet that I wished I had order--a perfect blend of gooey cheese, savory ham, and flavorful onions. Just good diner food with a homey feel.

By Kim Source: yelp.com Posted 6/18/2009


This place is good. Huge menu. Delicious breakfast and lots of combo meals. Want blueberry pancakes with corned beef hash and cheese biscuits? I'm sure it's on there somehow. Old and dark atmosphere that kind of suits the place. One warning though... DO NOT PARK AT MCDONALDS next door. Our car got towed. Luckily the waitress warned everyone that a car was being towed next door. We ran out and the car was on the flatbed. We had to pay the dude $100 to get it off. This place needs more parking, but that ain't gonna happen, so be careful. 4 stars for the food and old-school waitresses, minus 1 for the parking situation.

By Scotty P. Source: yelp.com Posted 4/5/2009


Best breakfast in Waltham. There's always a line, but it's never been more than a 10 minute wait. The eggs St. Christeen is a great dish, basically poached eggs on croissant. The banana French toast is also mouth-watering.

By Darius Source: yelp.com Posted 7/10/2007


Josephs II is a Waltham breakfast Icon.  Home of the Hungryman Breakfast (2 eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes), it is a Brandeis student's hangover fix. The servers are classic New England waitresses, and the coffee is super strong.  I miss the old days.

By Lindsay K. Source: yelp.com Posted 2/27/2007


17. Hours of Operation:


Monday - Friday at 6:00 a.m.

Saturday - Sunday at 7:00 a.m.

Closing Time:

Sunday - Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

Friday - Saturday until 9:00 p.m.

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